DevOps is always coined as a success mantra in integrating enterprises with smart and innovative software solutions. DevOps services played a crucial role in enabling the massive shift of industries from traditional testing methodologies to the trending quality assessment. DevOps consulting services cannot be confined to a particular process of the Software development life cycle. It travels in the entire process and clubs the IT operations with development activities, by cutting down the product delivery time with a vast difference in investments made.

Top 5 Reasons to practice DevOps:

1. Demand overrules:

Is always a decrease in supply graph when compared to the application of excellence all over the world, especially in delivering quality products? So, it is already proven that, by implementing DevOps, there is a tremendous increase in the scope of product delivery and even in afterward performance of products. DevOps accelerates the working methodology with assured success.

2. Restricted time intervals:

The high competing digital environment is resulting in tight deadlines and limited timelines assigned for any product development these days. So, it is not simple as earlier, to roll out a project with expected functionalities in these strict scenarios unless we shift towards a powerful working strategy like DevOps which yields the best performance results at the end.

3. Complexities in every corner:

Are a lot of hidden hitches in every module before it takes up proper shape and structure? The traditional approach fails to a maximum level in unveiling these complexities and stand s as a challenge when not addressed earlier. So, a dynamic assessment like DevOps is required to assess the quality at regular intervals.

4. Assured accuracy:

DevOps promises accuracy in every phase of the software development project. By integrating the same with trending technologies, we can yield industry-best results with less cost and time investments.

5. Re-Use is always a boon:

Helps in re-using the same code multiple times to address a similar scenario which in turn saves a lot of time and money invested during any process. Over the past few years, DevOps is ruling the entire software development domains and is showcasing as a standard pillar for future smart innovations. But as the curiosity has no limit and the world is eager to know the next big thing about DevOps, here we take the opportunity to share the top five 2019-2020 trends of DevOps which are all set to elevate the software standards and make the digitalization the new heights.

  • Azure services

Azure has brought a complete turnaround to the global software development working strategies and added a new speeding factor to the end product deliverables. Every component of Azure acting as Platform as a service enables us to manage and deploy various modules at competing for space across nations. It also equips you to vision the future requirements and work on the existing designs which in turn stand as a support pillar for next-generation endeavors.

  • DevOps shifts to devSecOps

The enormous emerging data is the face of increasing threats too. We cannot imagine DevOps alone to succeed in the race without the integration of high-security firewalls. So, we can expect the future of DevOps to concentrate on security issues to overcome the exploitations solely. The agile environment of modern software engineering requires constant security pitching to cope up with the rising data demand and the quality of concealing sensitive information. Of the vulnerabilities unveil in the application layer itself challenging the cybersecurity professionals to embed the security as an inbuilt mechanism rather than an update or add-on. So, in DevSecOps, security is implemented early in the development of the application itself rather than imposing it on the top later. This approach caters to the security responsibility of every segment of the DevOps application.

  • Assembly lines are the future of DevOps

Is the root cause of the rise of the Continuous Integration mechanism which directly led to Continuous Delivery? But when coming to practical terms, the CI and CD fail when the foundation of developing and integrating the small module task delays in delivering the output. To address this, Assembly lines come into the limelight with all the smart solutions which propagate the un-interrupted delivery of quality service. The Assembly lines enable the software organizations to completely move to serverless computing without nagging about the infrastructure hassles.

  • Testers to excel in less coding

Know that DevOps encourages and insists the Testers get surpassed in Coding in an equal wavelength as Developers have. But in the coming years, DevOps ultimately opts for fewer code technologies where the applications need only a few lines of efficient Coding rather than pages of lengthy program lines. So, the Testers need to learn the tactics of Coding in a more optimized way rather than the usual traditional methods of software engineering. This also lays the path for new programming languages to emerge with AI assistance.

  • DevOps driven artificial intelligence

Growing data and the number of smart builds are the perfect reason to concentrate on increasing the AI segment into DevOps. CI and CD serve as the standard pillars for an AI environment to be build which ignites the scope for Automation to trigger. The AI-driven DevOps Automation helps to understand the necessity, address the new challenges and rise as the innovation. The large volumes of log data and the entire DevOps performance serve as the inputs for the machine language to predict future requirements.

  • Rise for cloud computing and 5G IoT

It is coming soon and many gigantic networking big shots have already promised a 10Gb/s speed. This indirectly questions whether the existing servers can handle the mega speed and enormous volumes of data or not. Already we are observing a massive shift towards cloud computing and DevOps accelerated the pace of complete adoption of Go Cloud.

The above exciting trends of DevOps 2020 are crafting the high performance of the DevOps universe shortly. We help and assist you to be in the race with our smart solutions.