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Test Management Services at Lumera

Test management is the most crucial phase of any project lifecycle as its results directly speak about the company’s quality and trust. Test management can yield superb results when carried out well and also enables us to ship the high-end quality products as desired by the customers. Lumera has proven methods to implement the strategic test management process, which assures smooth workflows and transparent test management activities. We focus on a client-centric approach which benefits us with trusted client relationship and also gaining more consistent projects. We have designed unique exercises in implementing the traditional test management processes with a touch of excellence and expertise.

Test Management Solutions

Test Planning

We concentrate on developing the focused approach and analyzing the purpose of testing in this phase by defining why, when, what, where, and how to test. Test environment and test metrics are finalized here, and a well-clarified test plan is furnished, which explains the entire process of test management.

Test Authoring

This phase concentrates on answering the questions related to how the test should be carried out, which principles must be imposed and what should be the testing functionalities. The mode of testing, like manual or automation test process, is decided in this phase, and test scripts are developed accordingly.

Test Execution

The test scripts designed in the authoring phase are executed under given environments, and the verifying and validating checkpoints are monitored closely. Defect tracking, Bug fixing, and test automation are also significant phases in this process.

Test Tracking

The Testing process is analyzed, and the progress is calculated herewith defined metrics, which helps us to when to stop our testing process. The number of functionalities that are already tested are produced for the quality check of the testing process to decide on changing the testing inputs.

Test Reporting

The progress and final results of test management are communicated to the project manager or even sometimes to the client with the help of test reporting mechanisms. Various graphical views are used to project the testing data and overall performance.

Test Management Benefits we assure

  • Clarity of quality assessment is ensured
  • When to start and when to stop the testing procedure can be known without ambiguity
  • Increase the collaboration scope of various methodologies and tools
  • Test automation standards are increased

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-Mr. Tom Mitchel

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