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Project Management services at Lumera

Project Management at Lumera: Lumera engineers the project management activities with value-driven methodologies and business-driven strategies. We define the right roadmaps and lay the strong guidelines to achieve the end product delivery excellence and maintain the same since the initial stages of the project development life cycle. We dig deeper when it comes to assess the project requirements and draft the things to be accomplished in priority order and then proceed with our controlled workflows. We create systematic, transparent crystal processes which achieve the optimized results with client-centric principles. Every phase of the project life cycle, we follow to assure the quality at each level with a dedicated technical touch.

Experts in Delivering Project Management Solutions


We understand the project domain, scope, and scalability at first. We also check the feasibility and flexibility to know the compatibility of the project with our equipped technologies and tools. If the research is done, meets our criteria, we then proceed further in taking up the challenge


We carefully assess the project requirements and then design the roadmap, which needs to be carryout out until the end of the project life cycle. Technologies to be used, tools to be implemented, a platform to be chosen, communication mechanism, project development atmosphere, etc. are decided in this phase as per the client’s project.


Based on our planning phase, we kick start the project execution to deploy the deliverables. The entire project, the primary stage, happens here with a lot of specific activities taking place like status reports, project plans, and development updates, etc.


Every single module and functionality of the developed project is observed keenly in this segment with much attention, we note down every minute detail possible with respect to costs invested, time is taken, tools and technologies used, execution time and overall product performance. This recoded data helps to make critical decisions in project management.


The final phase of the project management life cycle ensures the successful completion of the assigned project with expected results and quality.

Project Management Benefits we assure

  • A well-defined consistent model of working throughout the project lifecycle
  • Can achieve the desired end product performance ten times more
  • Cost and time invested are drastically brought down with assured customer satisfaction on the product performance.
  • Clear understanding of project goals and strategies with high end definitions and trusted methodologies
  • Helps us to predict and control the project metrics like cost, time and scope
  • Integrate and collaborate with various project stakeholders
  • Establishes a proper communication mechanism which is transparent at all levels
  • Project failure risks are easily mitigated

“We’d recommend them to others and will definitely hire him again to start work on other platforms. I got more than my money’s worth!”

-Mr. Martin Beukof

“Their standard of coding has helped us move our project along quickly and keep us agile enough in the ever-growing complex technology landscape.”

-Mr. Tom Mitchel

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