What catches your eyes when you visit a new web page or a commercial site? The design and layout of the page mostly right?

Yes, the experience you have when dealing with a webpage or any particular software program is defined by UX/UI services and solutions. The term UX refers to User Experience and UI stands for User Interface. These two services work hand in hand to create an interactive and effective portal or platform which plays a vital role in enhancing the end-user experience and smoothens the functioning of inbuilt modules during page interactions and navigations. If you believe that only those who stand to benefit from a website to attract customers use UX/UI, you know only a part about this service. Here are the top industries thriving with solutions from UX/UI services for various elements.

What is the UX/UI service?

UX is the analytical part, and UI is the design part of the portal. UX creates an easy and simple interface for the customers and management to use, interact, and learn. The scope of UX includes content, navigation menus, pictures about the service, and so on. UI deals with how the customer views the UX. The scope of UI includes graphic designs, a pleasing spectrum of colors, usage of sounds, and so on. No, UI is not just about graphic design. UI attaches the customers emotionally to the platform with the use of graphic design, trigger elements, and so on.

Industries using UX/UI services

Interesting data visualizations, Easy web page interactions, flexible e-commerce site functionalities are some of the boons delivered by UX/ UI services. They contribute a good amount of weight in attracting the naïve users towards the sites with its enhanced features.

As mentioned before, it is a little more than just your e-commerce site. Today, almost all industries use UX/UI development solutions, and we have listed some of the top and trending areas.

#1. Big Data

Big Data, an integral and vital part of the software industry, deals with a colossal amount of data combined and analyzed to create meaningful and actionable ideas. With a good UX and UI design, one can create a simple and effective dashboard, which uses data visualization. When it comes to analysis, the human brain creates more meaning from pictorial representation than just a bunch of numbers. UX designers can create visual elements to present data like a graph, chart, pivot table, and so on. This interactive platform will enrich the analysis output.

#2. Government sites

With better UX, the government sites can interact with the public, helping them engage more. The success of a government agency lies in its reach to the public. With a good UX/UI platform, one can get more attention and feedback from citizens. Spreading awareness and information become easier and effective across different modes of communication. UX/UI stands as an important element in bringing the new generation towards the wellness of the country.

#3. Internet of Things

Did you know that UX/UI creates the base platform for the Internet of Things? IoT stands for digital revolutionizing, with which you can control your fridge with your smartphone or even large manufacturing can be carried out with just an iPad. Creating an easy and interactive platform becomes the core of IoT. Starting from the inception of a concept with IoT, UX/UI is involved. If you want your lighting systems controlled by a smartphone, you need a portal, where customers could log into their lighting system, adjust brightness, and so on.

#4. Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is one of the few industries where portals focus on streamlining processes rather than attracting customers. With an interactive UX/UI design, one can manage, interact, and integrate every department and process on the floor and also reduce manufacturing cycle time. With a better interface, making decisions and identifying problems become easier and can be de-centralized with control from top management.

#5. Sales and marketing department

Attracting customers with UX/UI is the first element. However, this is not the only thing that can come out of a good UX/UI. Creating a good UX/UI can help employees to monitor their progress, compare with peers, and get motivated. This interactive comparison also helps management to keep control of the KPI of their team.

#6. Travel industry

A flawless UX/UI interface will help in integrating numerous travel based service providers like airlines, hotels, rental cars, and others. The customers can personalize the portal, allowing better retention gained due to superior customer experience.

#7. E-learning

When it comes to a digital product, an effective UX/UI is inevitable. A good design will help customers to overlook the advantages of traditional learning. Effective sharing of information is the basis of the e-learning sector. And, good user interface and design are scientifically proven to improve the brain’s ability to analyze and retain information.

#8. HR

HR is all about human interaction. Starting from screening to exit interviews, the HR department works with human emotions and behaviors. Having a smoother and organized induction is essential for employee retention, and a good UX can help you gain the same. When you integrate a good UX/UI into your HR process, transparency is possible without forgoing privacy and data security. This transparency allows employees to get a personalized experience, and this allows motivation and retention.


As mentioned in several points, the UX/UI should be simple, effective, and interactive. A confusing interface will lead to the downfall of your brand within the shortest time possible. It is always advisable to concentrate more on the user interfaces when entering into the digital market, as sometimes it can solely determine your market presence. If you wish to stay ahead of your competitors, providing an unparalleled experience to customers, and providing an easy work environment for your employees is essential. So, it’s time to stop seeing UX/UI services as just glorified web designers. Instead utilize these top trending technologies of UX/UI to enjoy sustainable growth and reach of your organization in terms of assured user experience satisfaction with convenience, commitment, and challenge.